Planinarski savez Srbije

Mountaineering association of Serbia

Mountaineering association of Serbia is a national branched sports association and all basic sports mountaineering organizations, mountaineering-skiing organizations-clubs, societies and other sports organizations are associated with it as members. The association had 166 basic organization with 15487 members in 2017.

Mountaineering association of Serbia is a successor of Serbian mountaineering society, founded on 17th of June 1901. in Belgrade and the legal successor of Mountaineering association of Serbia and Montenegro which ceased to exist in 01.12.2006.

It is a standalone, non-political and non-profit organization which regulates sports activities in mountaineering by appointing sports rules and which achieves its goals through work of the basic organizations affiliated with the Association and mountaineering associations as a form of territorial or interest organization of members within the Association.

Mountaineering association of Serbia is a member of Internation Climbing and Mountainiring Federation (UIAA), European Ramblers Association (ERA), Balkan mountainering union (BMU), European Union of Mountaineering Associations (EUMA).